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Lita Ford went to a party on Halloween night, and ... well, you know the rest. The former Runaway and a current bitch (no, really, her new live album is called The Bitch Is Back) is still going strong and dressing like this. Which is to say, she's still kicking (and baring) a lot of ass. In the middle of a press junket for the new album, we asked if she had any scary stories. It turns out, she does. Spooky scary. And we're not just talking about seeing Ace Frehley up close without makeup! We're talking a pig collection, wearing pig masks, séances, and one of her big-lipped friends dressing up as Steven Tyler for Halloween. Read on ... if you dare. [VINCENT PRICE LAUGH]

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On Scary Monsters: "One Halloween my father had crept out the back door without me noticing, and I was giving out candy to kids at the front door. The doorbell rings, and I open the door, and this hand comes out to collect the candy, and I thought, 'I know that hand... That's my father's hand!' I thought it was a kid. He was on his knees, wearing one of my mother's wigs -- and she doesn't wear wigs, so I don't know why she had it! -- and he had on an afghan blanket. So there was this little guy with black fluffy hair with this great big hand. He totally had me going."

On Being Dressed for Excess: "As a kid, the closest thing to a princess I ever came was a nurse. You know, bloody, mangled, the Alice Cooper kind of nurse! No way was I ever a princess or angel! I never dressed as KISS either. As a matter of fact, one Halloween, my friend Tony -- she has black curly hair and these great big lips -- she went out as Steven Tyler, she really looks like him. And I went out as Lita Ford, in my stage costume! She borrowed some clothes from me to dress like Steven. It was pretty funny. If I have a gig on Halloween, I do dress up. I like to collect pigs. I have them all over the house. So last year I wore a pig mask on stage. No, you can't sing through it. It had a hole in it. And yeah, I eat bacon."

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