Seven Great Things About Action Bronson's Blue Chips 2 That Do Not Involve Food

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Blue Chips 2

Action Bronson likes food. We know this because all reports of the Flushing, Queens, rap icon-in-the-making are seemingly mandated to point out that he's something of the gourmand and, at one point, held down professional chef duties. (Hey, we did the whole food reference thing ourselves for Rare Chandeliers!) But Bronson's also an exceedingly fine and entertaining rapper on his own merits. So with Blue Chips 2, cut in tandem with producer Party Supplies, dropping last week, here's seven non-sustenance-related reasons to be cheerful for Bronsolino's latest.

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1. The Brilliance Of Big Body Bes
Bronson's co-pilot in rap shenanigans cops liberal cameos throughout Blue Chips 2 with his now characteristic shit talking tirades, this time having just stepped out of the '96 Lincoln town car. Think ad lib-era Puffy's thuggish ruggish Eastern European cousin and you're in the ballpark.

2. The Cruise Ship Bangers
Hey, it's Bam Bam rhyming over "Tequila!" The perky "Pepe Lopez" and "It's Me" sound like nothing more than what we're gonna call cruise ship rap: Joyful, good-time vibes with Bam Bam telling all he's "looking gorgeous in every portrait." We'll even forgive the mashed pronunciation of soccer player Zinedine Zidane's name.

3. "Contemporary Man!"
Originally intended as something of a template for the first Blue Chips project, "Contemporary Man" is like a micro-mix of pop radio hits over which Bronson drops a barrage of inspired couplets. (Presumably its first outing was scuppered when that tape's sponsor, Reebok, didn't want to pay for Party Supplies to sample the entire '80s.) Thankfully, the CVS banger-worthy track now holds an official place on Blue Chips 2.

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