The Greatest Action Scenes of All Time, Mashed Up With the Songs They Deserved

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YouTube screengrab
Which song would you pair with this scene in Drive?
We all love action movies. There is no better way to escape from the brutal, sometimes flagrantly unfair world than to hunker down with a bunch of cool-looking people shooting each other. But sometimes our favorite action movies need something more. Perhaps a different selection of music will best exemplify their qualities. Thankfully we live in 2013, which means we can test practically any favorite action scene with a different song using the endless power of the internet.

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SCENE: Terminator 2's T1000 Chase
TEST SONG: Fleetwood Mac - "Go Your Own Way"

YouTube Doubler

This is really great, because it essentially makes Terminator 2 seem like some coming-of-age drama, not a movie about the impending robot uprising and apocalypse. The pregnant look in the T1000's eyes, and the gentle whine of Lindsay Buckingham's guitar.

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