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Eliza Skinner

The New York Comedy Festival takes over town this week, and by all means salute your Bill Burrs, your Larry Davids and your Stephen Colberts. But they get enough ink. Cheap Laughs ignores the main event and digs through the undercard, bringing you the best and boldest of alt, indie and up-and-coming comedy talent on garish display throughout the festival.

Wednesday, November 6

Matt Braunger
UCB Chelsea, 9.30 p.m. $15.
Portland native and Bridgetown comedy Festival co-founder Matt Braunger is the kind of hotshot L.A. comic you only get to see when there's a big ol' festival in town ... like right now! He's what happens when folksy everyman charm meets absurd premises and laser accurate punchlines. Plus he kind of looks like a badger. Sold yet?

Thursday, November 7

The Set List
The Comedy Cellar @ Village Underground, 8 p.m. $15.
A "set list" is a bunch of words, usually scrawled on a cocktail napkin, that comics use to remind them of which jokes to tell. The premise of this show? You pick up the wrong list, and each comedian on stage has to improvise material from scratch, based on the handful of random words in front of them. It's high-risk, high-reward standup comedy without a net. Tonight features a bonanza bill too: Jonah Ray, Big Jay Oakerson, Nick Swardson, Jim Norton, Eliza Skinner and Sean Patton. Heavyweights all.

Friday, November 8th

The Creek and The Cave, 8 p.m. Free.
The Wildcats (J-Dawg, Sweet Baby J and Scooter) are a standup comedian street gang that takes over comedy shows and makes them better. Don't question this premise, just go with it and you'll have a hilarious time. This month, Matt Wayne, Rojo Perez and Andy Sandford stop by to have their acts ruined by three idiots dressed like they auditioned for (but didn't get) roles in the video for Michael Jackson's "Bad." And after the show, stay in your seats for...

Talk Show: The Game Show, hosted by Guy Branum
The Creek and The Cave, 10 p.m. $10.
Ex-Chelsea Lately star Guy Branum does what no one ever dared do before: fuse two of America's least respected television genres. Three minor celebrities vie to prove which is the best talk show guest by telling amusing stories, plugging projects, and charming the pants of a panel of comedian-judges.

Location Info


Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

307 W. 26th St., New York, NY

Category: General

Village Underground

130 W. 3rd St., New York, NY

Category: Music

The Creek and the Cave

10-93 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, NY

Category: Music

Union Hall

702 Union St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Music

The Bell House

149 7th St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Music

Theatre 80

80 St. Marks Place, New York, NY

Category: Film

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