Drake Admits His Career Is an Elaborate Joke in "Worst Behavior" Video

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In the next scene, OB goes on a long-winded rant about the hardships of becoming a successful performer when Un-Sweet Tea (Ryan Silverstein) suddenly appears on set. OB angrily calls him over and confronts him on the insanity of demanding 70% of his tour profits just for driving the bus. It's strange, but important. Having already revealed the total joke that is his public image, rap game, and clique, it is now time to discuss the reality behind the endless parade of enemies and haters he populates his songs with--they don't exist! Drake knows that nobody really cares what he does or how good he is at it--and this is why he caricatures all of those who try to rip him off, discourage him, and hurt him (nobody) in the mystical hair-roller-filled figure of Un-Sweet Tea.

Photo: Vimeo screenshot

Most of the song occurs in the following scene, as all of the characters introduced so far and a ton of nameless others dance and sing along to the chorus of "Worst Behavior" in front of several scattered Memphis, Tennessee, houses and store-fronts.

Photo: Vimeo screenshot

Photo: Vimeo screenshot

Honestly, no idea. This thing is an all-over-the-place mess.

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