The Fashion of Stadium-Folk Bands, Ranked Worst to Worstest

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Fashion offenders Mumford & Sons
We all know the current trend of snotty white-people stadium-folk sucks. That's something near-universally agreed upon within critical circles. It's hard to take a single note of the stuff seriously, enough to make you reconsider the entire influencing legacy of Bob Dylan. But one thing that's been underrated in our anger is just how poorly these bands dress. It's not just bad style, it's bad style with an attitude. It's statement-fashion as nuanced as a 15-year old in a Jack Skeleton hoodie. This free pass stops right here, as we've ranked all the bands associated with Nickelback-folk by their attire from worst to worstest.

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WORST - Of Monsters and Men

Despite owning perhaps the most hackneyed and clichéd music of the group, Of Monsters and Men actually don't dress that bad (relatively speaking.) Look at those shithead Icelandians, no worse than whatever group of folkies is hoping to get laid at your local college co-op this Saturday. These guys aren't trying to be anything more than the low-hanging fruit they already are. Can you honestly say you never walk out the door looking like a member of Of Monsters and Men? Maybe not your proudest moment, but we've all been there.


WORSTER - Mumford & Sons

Who's to blame for Mumford & Sons? Who allowed a bunch of asshole 20-somethings to think it's hip to appropriate Woodrow Wilson's style? When did the Great Depression become cool? Is it Twitter? Is it our rapidly diversifying culture that leaves vast, incomprehensible gaps of tangible things to identify with? Is it Carey Mulligan? That's two vests, one hat, one pair of suspenders, and four utterly punchable gazes into the distance.

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