Weezer's Top Five Most Iconic Videos

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Weezer hosts a party at the Playboy Mansion in the clip for "Beverly Hills"
We know Sunday is a day for lounging around in your borough of choice and taking things easy, but this week, you should probably consider exiting city limits and heading over to Huntington to catch Weezer at the Paramount. After the band's 21-year career, it's easy to take the L.A. quartet for granted; to put them in the old faithful pile and merely think of them... fondly. It's easy to forget just how influential and important Weezer have been.

So then, to get you all revved up just in time for the weekend, and as a sharp reminder of just how rad this band is, here's a look back on Weezer's five most iconic videos.

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5. "If You're Wondering if I Want You To (I Want You To)" (2009)

There are fewer things in the world that are quite as hilarious as cartoonish violence set to a jaunty beat. Here, Weezer embraces a bygone age, inhabits an entire town, starts out relentlessly wholesome and slowly descends into mindless violence, all in the pursuit of a beautiful woman. Though each and every act of violence here raises a chuckle, special props have to go to whoever came up with the idea of having Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson singing lead and back-up vocals together--while the latter is still wrapped around the car hood of the former. Just the right level of cute.

4. "Keep Fishin'" (2002)

Fact: anyone who was born in the 1970s has "hang out with The Muppets" on their bucket list. Sadly, this dream will only be realized by a very select group of people--so everyone in Weezer was smart to make this happen in the guise of a music video. Patrick gets kidnapped by Miss Piggy, Animal plays drums, Kermit does back-ups and there are dancing penguins on the Marshall stacks. Even more remarkably: we're pretty sure this is the only time we have ever seen Rivers Cuoma look genuinely happy. Ever.

3. "Beverly Hills" (2005)

Though the first great thing about the "Beverly Hills" clip is clearly the idea that low-key drummer Patrick Wilson spends his days reclining in a silky bathrobe, pretend-smoking a pipe and fielding requests from Hugh Hefner, this entire video is a feel-good triumph. It's like watching the nerds out-smart the jocks in an incredibly satisfying teen movie--only this time it's real. It's like Weezer woke up one morning and came up with a cunning plan to exact revenge on bullies everywhere. Best of all, the frolicking Playboy bunnies are barely even in this thing--it's all about the gloriously geeky teens taking over Hef's mansion for the day and partying their socks off. Nerdgasm.

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