Our 20 Most Read Stories of 2013, 10 - 1

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We covered a lot of music ground in 2013. You loved all of it (especially if the word "douchiest" was in the title). But some stories were more read than others. Here now, our 20 most popular posts of the year, 10 - 1. Thanks for reading, and see you next year!!

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10. The 10 Best Metal Albums of 2013

"Overall, metal in 2013 was remarkably healthy, with progenitors Black Sabbath topping the Billboard chart for the first time in their long career, and many hundreds of worthy heavy music albums fomented in dark depths of metal minds. All art is valid, even if it's made by Monster Magnet in 2013. Let's do this."

9. The 10 Douchiest Drummers of All Time

"And while we worship plenty of drummers in modern music, there are some Gods of Thunder who might actually deserve to be struck by lightning. It's only natural that having the biggest instrument in the band will lead to some smug attitudes, inflated egos and dumbass behavior."

8. Alice Cooper Assesses Halloween Candy

"Last Halloween Alice Cooper was guest editor of this blog. We've just now gotten the blood out of the carpet. The smell of sulfur still remains. And though he left the place a wreck, afterward we went trick-or-treating with him through the Lower East Side. He murdered the first person unlucky enough to give him Candy Corn. This year, to avoid a similar mishap, we asked what Halloween candy won't send Cooper into a blind rage."

7. The Top 15 Things That Annoy the Crap Out of Your Local Sound Guy

"Imagine for a moment that your job's sole requirement was to make live bands sound great every night. Pretty awesome right? Late nights, live music, and an endless supply of nightlife encapsulate a typical day at the office. Then after actually doing it for a few minutes you start to realize something: being a sound guy, even a good one, is typically the most thankless job in the entertainment industry."

6. The Top 20 New York Hardcore and Metal Albums of All Time

"New York has a very rich history of strong contributions to heavy music. While the NYHC pioneers get worshipped (and justly so), New York often gets overlooked in discussions of other influential heavy music scenes. Our below choices for the Top 20 New York Hardcore and Metal Albums of All-Time will hopefully get those discussions going again, with New York getting the proper respect it deserves this time."

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