9 Fantastic Old-School Hip-Hop Christmas Songs


Looking to freshen up your faithful ol' holiday playlist with a little hip-hop? Well nix thoughts of falling back on that foul-mouthed Christmas On Death Row album -- rappers were penning joyful and funked-up holiday ditties long before Snoop and Dre and Suge decided to congregate around the metaphorical fireplace. Here's a run-through of a bunch of fine old-school and golden-era hip-hop tracks that pay homage to the holiday season with a festive swagger. (Disclaimer: We've skipped over Run-DMC's "Christmas In Hollis" and Kurtis Blow's "Christmas Rappin'" as they're pretty much on any holiday playlist these days anyway.)

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9. Audio Two, "A Christmas Rhyme"

The Audio Two's Chrimbo ode isn't exactly a joyful tale, as the men behind the "Top Billin'" anthem talk about the trials of a penniless holiday season and a sick Santa. Seasonal salvation comes when Milk Dee steps up as a holiday hero though, as he takes on delivery duties and disperses gifts including Adidas goods along a route that focusses on Bed-Stuy. Bonus off-key trilling also ensues throughout the ditty.

8. Sweet Tee, "Let The Jingle Bells Rock"

Consider Sweet Tee's holiday outing as nothing more than a touching Christmas poem: "Snow on my window pane, eating candy canes/ Christmas is here, I feel it in my veins/ Celebrate, the 25th is the date/ It's time for love, it's not too late/ Sit by the tree, shining bright/ Listen to the carols on the radio, all night." Also goes on to include an all-important reference to chestnuts being roasted.

7. The Treacherous Three and Doug E Fresh, "Santa's Rap"

Hailing from the Beat Street flick, "Santa's Rap" is a genuine old-school holiday staple. In a pre-Festivus nod, the tree is disparaged as looking like "nothing but a decorated pole to me." Spoiler: As an unexpected twist, Doug E Fresh saves Christmas with his beat-boxing skills.

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