The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Week, 12/16/13

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Catch the last night of Yo La Tengo's Bell House run
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Monday, 12/16:

Son Lux + Trevor Wilson and Vocal Ensemble
Baby's All Right
6:00 p.m., $20
Son Lux, a/k/a Ryan Lott, is an all-over-the-map innovator working across the pop, hip-hop, film, and experimental zones. He's a frequent collaborator with Sufjan Stevens, whose influence can be heard in Lott's trebly, bubbling harmonies. He performs at this early-evening benefit for the nonprofit New Amsterdam label with Trevor Wilson, whose exquisitely harmonized Vocal Ensemble, accompanied by guitar and musical saw, possesses an ineffable fragility. -- By Richard Gehr

Yo La Tengo
The Bell House
9:00 p.m., $30
What would December be without an epic Yo La Tengo run to warm the cockles of our cold hearts? With Hanukkah overlapping Thanksgiving and Maxwell's succumbing to late-stage capitalism, Hoboken's loss is Gowanus's gain as the trio relocates to the Bell House for four nights (starting December 13) of historically informed eterna-pop; lustrous meditations on life, love, and mortality; and sturdy neoprimitive space jams. YLT presumably won't be replicating their Hanukkah format, however, so expect nothing more (or less) than a couple of sets of mind- and heart-expanding music -- and perhaps some memorable sit-ins -- with these middle-aged rockers in their prime. As Ira Kaplan sings late in Fade, their gentle all-things-must-pass take on keeping faith in precarious times, "If we're not so young, that's the point of it." -- By Richard Gehr

Tuesday, 12/17:

The 1975
Webster Hall
7:30 p.m., $25
The members of the 1975 started out as teenagers, playing pop and punk covers, and now they've made a fusion of dance-floor-ready, new-wave-style pop-rock with a little punk sneer all their own, over and over again on their recent self-titled debut. It's a sound best described as the Killers with a slight stuttering problem, but catchy. Their recent hit, "Chocolate," and its "We're never gonna quit it," you-only-live-once message capitalized on the Manchester-area quartet's knack for making music so bouncy and buoyant that it's easy to overlook the song's other telling line: "We're dressed in black from head to toe, we've got guns hidden under our petticoats." But thugs they are not. What they are is a group of four Englishmen who settled into a unique style -- more "rock-pop" than "pop-rock" -- early in their lives. Luckily, it's a sound that's just dancey enough it's easy to forgive them for being so passionate about playing so many songs that sound alike. -- By Kory Grow

Eric Comstock & Barbara Fasano
Stage 72
7:00 p.m., $25
They're calling this show "Rat Pack Poet: Songs of Sammy Cahn" and in putting it together are forming a natty pack of their own. In addition to their song-knowledgeable married selves, Comstock and Fasano are including the suave, probing Jeff Harnar and expert bassist Boots Maleson. For his part, Oscar winner Cahn was quite tight with Frank Sinatra et al and just couldn't stop turning out pulse-quickening standards one after another. Those reprised here will be as hip as they ever were. -- By David Finkle

Stars of the Lid
Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
8:00 p.m., $25/$30
Brian McBride and Adam Wiltzie kicked off their first two decades' of Eno-esque slo-mo ambience (featuring classical instrumentation) with the promisingly titled Music for Nitrous Oxide. Since then, the Austin-based duo, whose name refers to closed-eye imagery, have released a half-dozen increasingly rigorous soundscapes, most recently 2007's Stars of the Lid and Their Refinement of the Decline. Expect time to slow down to a nearly manageable crawl at this Worldless Music presentation taking place in a venerable Sunset Park parish. -- By Richard Gehr

Location Info


Baby's All Right

146 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY

Category: Music

The Bell House

149 7th St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Music

Webster Hall

125 E. 11th St., New York, NY

Category: Music

Triad Theatre

158 West 72nd St., New York, NY

Category: Music

Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

526 59th St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Music

Death by Audio - CLOSED

49 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Music

285 Kent Ave

285 Kent Ave., New York, NY

Category: Music


915 Wyckoff Ave., Queens, NY

Category: Music

Jazz Gallery

1160 Broadway, New York, NY

Category: Music

The Paramount

370 New York Ave., Huntington, NY

Category: Music

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