The 10 Best Metal Albums of 2013

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Courtesy of Napalm Records
8. Monster Magnet
Last Patrol
The smart, hippie stoner metal-rock that emerges from Dave Wyndorf's darkly comic brain and soul is influenced by everything cultish, cool and timeless. From Captain Beyond to Donovan, whose trippy "Three Kingfishers" MM cover superbly on Last Patrol, Wyndorf, with his 70s's-porn-look, personifies the cool kid down the block whose band you'd worship as they rehearsed in his mom's garage. Their commercial apogee to date may be 1998's "Space Lord," but Last Patrol sees a band at the top of their game, walking the fine line between being endlessly hip but not annoyingly hipster.

Courtesy of UDR
7. Motörhead
Not just because the iconic Lemmy Kilmister's had a health scare. (Nobody needs to throw Lemmy a bone!) Not because of the seminal "Ace of Spades." But because even though Lemmy says his lineup of more than 25 years are NOT metal--"Motörhead is primitive brutality, I suppose," the singer/bassist acknowledges--Aftershock is a genuinely praiseworthy, um, "heavy music" album. Metal or no, the trio's unrelenting, speedy but heavy musical and lyrical celebration of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, delivered with Lemmy's gruff whisky 'n' cigarettes growl, is at once reliable and rousing.

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