Big Snow Buffalo Lodge Crew Bounces Back After Co-Owner Is Shot

Credit: Dale W. Eisinger
Yoni Davis back in July
On July 17, during a routine Wednesday night at the East Williamsburg performing arts space known as Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, co-manager Yoni David was shot, a bystander in a dispute unrelated to the venue. The bullet travelled through his left arm and into his torso, leaving his limb close to unusable. He spent six days in Bellevue Hospital, and was released one day short of his 24th birthday.

"Pretty much anything you can imagine in somebody's arm is fucked up in my arm," he says. "I have nerve damage. I have muscle damage. I have tendon damage. I have a huge excess of scar tissue built up in my arm that tendons are stuck on." Now, instead of running the venue that he and his co-managers--Jeremy Aquilino, RJ Gordon, and Daniel Arnes--called home, he's spending at least three days a week in physical therapy, gaining back the motor skills he lost after being struck by a stray bullet. Big Snow closed that day in July.

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"The instant I cleaned up my best friend's blood off the floor I had made the decision to close," Arnes told us in our report of the initial shooting in July. After that day, the partners in the project scattered across the city to pick up the pieces of their shattered boho existences. This involved a large amount of money to pay off outstanding bills, to move out gear, and to resolve the lease.

To completely close this chapter on Big Snow, two benefit and farewell shows, featuring "the ultimate pow-wow of pals," as Yoni puts it, goes down this week. The first is December 3 at Silent Barn, featuring Twin Sister, Leapling, Ava Luna, Celestial Shore, Zula, and Empress Of DJing. Two days later, December 5, Shea Stadium hosts Porches, Krill, Baked, LVL UP, Lost Boy, Bueno, and Peter Fonda DJing.

Two of those bands, Leapling and Baked, will feature Yoni on drums once more. This is after doctors told him he may never play or it would be at least a year before he would hit the skins.

"I go to physical therapy and it's like, 'Let's fucking do this! Let's make this work.' Then I started playing drums and I got really motivated. Now the drumming is just a part of my recovery. The playing actually really helps. It's a great exercise for my hand. It's just now starting to sound good again."

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