Bruce Springsteen Photos!

Photo courtesy of Debra Rothenberg
New Jersey native Debra Rothenberg was 18 when she first photographed Bruce Springsteen in concert in 1980. (He was touring behind The River; she paid $30 for two scalped tickets that originally cost $8.50 each.) In the 33 years since, she has taken pictures of The Boss in concert at dozens of shows in the United States and Europe.

Rothenberg, a professional photographer who has shot for publications including Rolling Stone, Time, the New York Daily News and Q Magazine, recently released Bruce Springsteen In Focus: 1980-2012, a coffee table book containing her more than three decades worth of Springsteen images.

Here, in her own words, Rothenberg (whose favorite Springsteen album is Darkness On the Edge of Town, btw), tells the stories behind some of her favorite photos.

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Bradley Beach, New Jersey
February 15, 1988

Debra Rothenberg: The cover shot was a day I will never forget. It was three days before my 26th birthday, February, 15 1988. It was Presidents Day, a beautiful day outside, and everyone had it off. I was driving along main street in a town called Bradley Beach. There was a ton of traffic, so we were going really slowly, and I see this beautiful car driving down the street towards me.

I glanced down to look at the license plate and I saw that it was a 1957 Ford, and I looked up at the driver and saw that it was Bruce. I shouted out "Oh my God" and he heard me, and he smiled. I saw the car turn down towards the ocean, and I rushed home to get my camera and called two friends and said "Bruce! Old car! Bradley Beach! By the ocean," and hung up.

We drove back to Asbury Park parked outside this place called the Wonder Bar, and all of the sudden, I see the car coming down the street. Bruce gets out, starts laughing and says "Hey there! You found me" and I took this photo of him. They were filming the video for "One Step Up" inside the bar. We snuck in and got kicked out three times, and the director said "I admire your perseverance, you can stay, just stay out of the way." I'll never forget it. I never left the house without my camera again.

Photo courtesy of Debra Rothenberg
Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
July 2, 1981

This was my very first published picture of Bruce. It was In the September 1981 issue of New Jersey Monthly magazine. I think they were playing "Out In the Street." I was so excited when I saw it in the magazine. I got paid 75 dollars and never cashed the check because I thought I was never going to get another photo sale.

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