Exclusive Premiere: Hand Job Academy and Big Dipper - "Take Me 2 Skool" Video

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Laura June Kirsch
Hand Job Academy
The trio who brought you "Shark Week," easily the best song about periods in the hip-hop canon, Hand Job Academy returns with "Take Me 2 Skool," a new video featuring Big Dipper. We spoke to the girls--Ash Wednesday, Clara Bizna$$, and Lil' T--about their curriculum, as well as their own school memories. The interview and the video premiere are after the jump.

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Where did the name Hand Job Academy come from?

Clara: I was dating...well...dating is a strong word for it. I was boning this dude I was at his house and had to use his computer for something. And you know when you have the pages that come up [as] the top ten most viewed? That was one of them, "Hand Job Academy." I clicked on it, of course, because I'm triflin'. It's just kind of a place-holder, the website has nothing to do with it, the name just stuck in our heads.

Ash: I think Claire said it best a little while ago. Once you have a name it becomes more and more meaningless over time because we've had it for so long. It's like the Circle Jerks, where their name has nothing to do with it.

That in mind, what was the genesis "Take Me 2 Skool?"

Lil T: We had just recently met Big Dipper nd we went to the studio with our producer Good Goose. The way he works is to tell us to go into the booth and just freestyle on the mic. Dipper went in and just started spitting this stuff about school. He didn't know much about us, so he just saw Academy and created the hook doing it that we. We just made it school, but sexual.

How did you link up with Big Dipper?

Clara: There's a fellow named Greg Frederick and he's a photographer. He's doing a book called Homo-Hop about queers in hip-hop. He was a fan of ours and had checked us out a couple times and wanted to shoot Meg. He had posted Big Dipper on his page and followed him on every social media. When we dropped our song "Wild Girls" last year, I tweeted it at Dipper and he apparently was on the airplane tarmac in Minneapolis and was like "who the fuck are these girls." He liked it, so when he was playing in New York at the Studio of Webster Hall, he asked us to open for him and we've been friends ever since. The first night we met and hung out, we shot a music video and he's in it. He's had our back.

Ash: What's funny about Big Dipper is that he's very transient. He's in Brooklyn now, but for a while he didn't have a place to stay, so he ended up staying at my apartment for like a month.

Lil T: Basically, we met him at Kellog's Diner for dinner, and we were like "let's shoot a music video really quick" and we end up getting kicked out of the Diner because we were playing the playback too loud.

Clara: And we were dressed like fucking freaks too because it was a "Twin Peaks" video.

How accurate is "Take Me 2 Skool" a reflection of your school days?

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