What Would an Action Bronson Cologne Smell Like?

Minajesty Ad by Elizabeth Arden
Nicki Minaj: Scratch-and-Sniff Her!
If New York City Subway advertisements are anything to go by, the absolute most important gift to bestow upon a loved one this December is the opportunity to smell like Nicki Minaj, whose new perfume Minajesty is now out and available for purchase. But why should the chance to rock somebody's nose like a hip-hop mega-star be relegated to just the one who wants more cheese? If hip-hop colognes pop off as a big business, we've made this list of five rappers we'd like to smell like.

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Say what you will about how Florida's been in the news over the past few months, but we'll always be running back to those tropical scented lip balms, sunscreens and Tums which the citrus state helped define with the refreshing island scent that keeps us coming back for more. Trina happens to be the most glamourous glamourest and the baddest, so it's not that far-fetched to assume she smells incredible. For that scent to make everyone "Pull Over," who better than Trina?

Action Bronson
Who doesn't love being woken-up to the smell of something great in the kitchen? Who doesn't immediately feel warmed up after walking past a fragrant restaurant on a cold winter's day? We like to think part of what makes everyone so delighted to see Action Bronson in person is because his presence brings with it a cloud of whatever incredible food he most recently had in front of him. If Mitch Hedberg can sell cinnamon roll incense, why shouldn't an Action Bronson cologne exist?

50 Cent
He's sold everything from music to water, so why not let "Fiddy" combine the two and let us bring our G-Unit cos-play to the next level? A few years ago, 50 released his own take on the famous 48 Laws of Power book, and while it may not have been explicitly in the text, we believe smelling powerful is implied. Who wouldn't want to smell like money? OK, we mainly want this to exist so we can see Macy's store shelves filled with bottles of something named "50 Scent."

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