The 2013 NYC Rap Report: 8 Artists Give Their Take On The Year

Homeboy Sandman by Raul Buitrago (via Facebook)
With 2013 drawing to a close, we checked in with eight New York rap artists who contributed notable releases to the schedule and pressed them for their own take on how they felt the year in hip-hop went. Read on to hear what Homeboy Sandman, YC The Cynic, CJ Fly, Steel Tipped Dove, the Doppelgangaz, J57, Billy Woods, and Uncommon Nasa thought about the last 12 months in rap, along with their hopes and predictions for a fertile 2014.

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Homeboy Sandman

Highlight of 2013: Performing on a packed out yacht in crystal clear Croatian waters with all types of fish frolicking to and fro and all types of bronzed bikini clad party-goers frolicking to and fro during the Soundwave festival.

Your most underrated song of 2013: I'd have to go with "Musician." It got fat love and I'm very grateful for the love it got, don't get me wrong, it's just you know how anything on EPs (as opposed to LPs) tends to get a bit slept on nowadays.

Song from another artist you wish you'd made: I wouldn't go as far as wishing I'd made it myself but the hook on Open Mike Eagle's "Qualifiers" is one of the freshest things I've ever heard in my whole life.

What you'd like to see happen in the NYC rap scene in 2014: An underground (a/k/a integrity driven) show selling out Gramercy Theater on January 18th, with a rise to household name status for all the people on that flyer, plus KA (who you actually put me onto) and SFTTM (whose music I will now put you on to over on his Bandcamp site). Also, a high profile and authentic breeding-ground platform, perhaps with a rejuvenated push from the legendary Lyricist Lounge.

Thing that would help your career most in 2014: More people hearing my music. Same as every year, just get me some ears and I'll do the rest.

Plans for 2014: White Sands drops Feb 24th, that's an EP produced entirely by Paul White. It's like nothing I've ever released. Then we've got the full length coming in the summer, as yet untitled (scrapped titles have included Noble Savage and The Golden Ratio.)

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