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True story: A couple weeks ago I got the stream (loaded word here, I know) of R. Kelly's new album, Black Panties, which is out today. My 21-year-old female intern, Brittany Spanos, a native Chicagoan and fan of the R-uh, was in, sitting in the cube next to me. "Oh! The new R. Kelly just landed in my inbox," I told her via gchat because this is the 21st century and we are not animals. "You want?" She did. I sent it. We both started listening.

Almost immediately I regretted the decision. The album is so sexually crude. That's no surprise, I suppose. This is R. Kelly, after all. But in years past, he's always sung about sex in funny, clunky metaphors that allowed the listener to smile and cringe at the same time. Black Panties is all cringe--you won't find any "Feelin' On Yo Booty" (BOOGA BOOGA BOOGA BOOTY) moments here. In particular "Cookie," where the patented Kelly clunky sexual metaphors remain, but still manage to be gross nonetheless, like a XXX version of "Sweet Tooth" stripped of all its humor. Need examples? Here's a list of what R. Kelly says he will do to "the pussy" in "Cookie":

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1. Beat it 'til it's blue.
2. Kill it.
3. Bite it. (Yikes!)
4. Lick it like an Oreo, because...
5. He loves to lick the middle like an Oreo.
6. Get in it.

Anyway, the album is a tiring disappointment, and it's because of songs like "Cookie," which virtually destroys all the good will and promise "My Story" delivered months before Black Panties revealed itself. Today, along with the album's release, "Cookie" has a visual accompaniment. And, hey, the song may be crude but at least it has a high-concept video. * At the very least I appreciate the blatant Beats Pill product placement at the video's end.

Watch the video here:

And the Behind the Scenes here:

* I stole this line from Voice web editor Nick Greene. Again, from gchat.

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R Kelly is the undisputed king of R & B. He produces and writes all of his own songs. He is a lyrical god when it comes to composing music. He is a genuine, great person who has a wonderful sense of humor. If you don't know someone, best not to judge. Listen to When a Man Loves a Woman is so amazing it will give you goosebumps. Songs like cookie are just playful and silly, they're not meant to be taken so seriously. Enjoy life.


The scary part is all those lawsuits filed that flew under the there proof that he paid off families? Is there proof of these scared women... the problem is yes they may exist but in order to bring a strong point there has to be solid evidence...without that all this is flawed.

Personally...the album is BOSS...R.Kelly is on point and this is an acquired taste. Personally i have every album he ever released from Born Into the 90's to Black Panties...

Dina Zavor
Dina Zavor

funny that he still thinks he can fly)


This CD is definitely not for everyone and for sure going to stir up some noise, which I believe is intentional...  Nevertheless, R. Kelly's Vocals are on top of today's Hip-Hop and RnB Vibes...  He Is The King Of RnB!  Hands Down!

Dan Grossman
Dan Grossman

It's only news if R. Kelly does something that ISN'T disgusting.


A tape of him having sex with a teenage girl isn't enough? One would think that it is sufficient evidence.

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