Why Music Critics Shouldn't Date Other Music Critics

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They say artists shouldn't date other artists, and actors shouldn't date other actors. This is also the case when it comes to music writers. For starters, music writers are a miserable lot who are mostly paid in concert tickets, ego-stroking and swag, rather than actual money. Plus, they're opinionated like no one else, and conversations about their preferred musicians often amount to little more than dick-measuring (yes, even for the ladies).

Once upon a time I dated another music writer, and the emotional results weren't always pretty. So take heed! Here are the reasons not to make the mistake I did.

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When I first took up with my music critic beau, he was my inspiration. A few years older than I, he actually got paid to write. But as I developed I began achieving things at a younger age than he had, and I felt the tension grow between us. "Wow, that's great that they made you an editor at [pop music website]. That's, um, earlier than when I started editing at [same pop music website]."

Then there was the time I snagged an interview with country legend Merle Haggard... right around the same time my ex wanted to interview him. His response? "That's great, Rach. ...Although you technically started listening to him because of me."

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Marcia Wood
Marcia Wood

I fight dating industry people at all costs

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