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Jesse Dittmar

About a month or two ago, I asked Andrew W.K. — that great unwashed Rock God, party incarnate, a walking/talking ode to the Power of Positive Mental Attitude — if he would be at all interested in writing an advice column for us. Of course he was. And what I mean by that is, "Of course he was interested. Because he's interested in everything. He's interested in life. Every single, solitary bit of it."

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I knew he'd have no problem navigating outside his comfort zone. He lives there, sleeps easy. He is as accepting and eager for new experiences as he is loath to wear a new outfit.

He can help you do the same. (The experiences part; good God, buy some new clothes.) In these pages and on our music blog each week, Andrew W.K. will take your life questions, and set you safely down the right path to a solution, a purpose or — no surprise here — a party.

He is the Pope. He is Ann Landers. He is Dear Abby. He is the Pope, Ann Landers, and Dear Abby at a raging kegger, helping talk the highest guy in the room off the chewed-up ledge of life. Got a problem, question, or concern you want to put past him? Email him at

Let him help you.

Now, on to this week's advice. BRIAN McMANUS

Dear Andrew,

Like many, when we turn our calendars over to 2014 I will be doing my best to drop the extra pounds I packed on over the holidays. It's always a struggle, and I wonder if you have any mental tricks you use to help stay in shape.


Lean and Mean in 2014

Dear Lean and Mean,

For me, the best way to stay in shape is by partying extremely hard. Just move around and dance through the day. I even think that an active inner life and active mind can make your outer body follow suit. A huge part of fitness is realizing that it comes from feeling good, wholeheartedly and deep inside. It's not just about how you look or how much you weigh. Weight is extremely overrated, anyway. There are plenty of heavier people who are awesome, and it's just part of who they are — just like an eye color or a skin color. For example, would anyone really prefer a skinny Santa Claus? It's how he's meant to be. And there are plenty of skinny people who aren't very much fun to be around, no matter how good they might look by some standards. Feeling awesome is our goal, and that should be the focus of our party mindset. With that being said, I highly recommend head-banging, air-drumming, and speed-jigging for extremely effective forms of fat burning. But remember to love fat, too. It's one of the things that makes life worth living. PARTY LARD!


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AndyBee topcommenter

Supplying energy, inspiration, and motivation to aspire to achieve a goal or simply complete a task. Remembering feelings of negativity and extreme happiness. Weaving in and out of our perceptions of life.

A song that raises the hairs on your arm!

Party Hard!


First off, you're a fucking ICON. You're rad dude! But on to my question, aside from appearing on talk shows, and news broadcasts, would you ever consider running for any position in politics? Why, or why not? Party on!!


this is a extremely cool idea i cant wait to read all of the party god's ideas. I there is so much Andrew does to make me smile and i cant help but have a Pure jam to the i get wet album. i think that its a great idea to loose weight if that is what you want to do. but as Andrew said we should love each other no matter what and party as much as possible. people are constantly looking to be offended but i think if we all agree lets just not be D**** and just have fun be kind and most of all Party till we puke we will be the best generation... cant wait to read the rest of your posts.


@c_s_green Thank you so much for letting the power of partying into your heart and mind, Catherine! PARTY HARD FOREVER!

Drew Martin
Drew Martin

What's the difference between a critter and a varmint?

Susan Waters
Susan Waters

How can I get a Cronut and still be on time for work?


@AndrewWK Andrew, I just think you're awesome. Just want you to know that.

Andy McPants
Andy McPants

he's SO good - RIGHT ON with your idea to ask him and his excellent responses!!!!!!


@AndrewWK A personal tweet from THE Andrew WK? Oh, I'm partying so hard right now.

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