We Made Eagulls Get Drunken Tattoos

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Maria Sherman
Eagulls guitarist Liam Matthews

Most of the band settled on getting "BLA" tattoos, in honor of "Bad Lads Army," a short lived British reality program. Against my better judgment, and because Sasha was giving everyone real tattoos, I asked Liam to do the same to my arm. As in, four hours into this drunken mess and it was time to join the cult of Eagulls.

Maria Sherman
My "BLA" stick and poke

But the best tattoo of the evening goes to the most vivacious character of the bunch, bassist Tom Kelly, who opted to get "BILL MURRAY" under his Eagulls tattoo. The reason? The band were the musical guest on Letterman the same night Murray was on the show, and thought it would be a great way to commemorate the event. They were right. (See: Lead photo.)

Maria Sherman
Eagulls vocalist George Mitchell gets a tattoo

The process went on for hours. Mix alcohol and ink, and you're bound to get branded for life, but hopefully the result is a story for the ages. And for right now, I'm pretty OK with having "BLA" on my arm. Sorry, mom.

Eagulls and their brand new tattoos perform with Bill Murray tonight at Baby's All Right. 9 p.m. $10. There self-titled debut is out March 4, on Partisan. They're on Letterman tonight, Jan. 31.

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