Five Rappers Who Will Be Big in 2014

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Hip-hop turned 40 last year. One constant throughout its history? There's always a new act just around the corner, ready to completely flip the game with a new style.

So who's on deck in 2014? Here are five MCs we are confident will be much discussed over the next twelve months.

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5. Hand Job Academy
From: New York City

Arguably the best song ever recorded about periods, Hand Job Academy's "Shark Week" is no laughing matter. The rest of their catalog delivers as well. With referential punchlines, a great sense of timing and an unapologetic unpretentious brashness, the ladies of HJA seem poised to be among 2014's most polarizing, debated and celebrated rap outfits.

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4. KJ
From: Kansas City

One-half of Kansas City favorites COA (Center of Attention), KJ has an interesting story: The real life son of Kansas City mayor Sly James -- his name is Kyle James -- KJ's descriptions of his real life run-ins with the law make for some incredibly intriguing listening experiences. He's also got an infectious flow on the mic.

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