Watch Kenny G Play Softly in Honor of Toilet Paper in Times Square

The man. The hair icon. Kenny G.
When The New York Times informs the city it's on "Kenny G alert" because the smoothest smooth jazz musician would be performing outside Times Square's Hard Rock Cafe, you heed the call. For several hardcore, middle-aged male fans, many confused but delighted tourists, and one shocked doubledecker bus driver, the call was much appreciated on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.

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Soft Rocks!
The legend of both music and hair performed atop the Hard Rock Cafe's sign -- adorned for the day with Charmin's new "Soft Rocks!" slogan -- in order to promote the "ultra soft" new "pillow tecnhology" of Charmin Toilet Paper. In an attempt to put Charmin bear family out of work, KG performed three tunes on his sax, including a rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" from the Titanic. In addition to the millions and millions the Sax Man was no doubt paid to be the living embodiment of the world's saddest, most perfect synergistic branding opportunity, we hope they also gave him some of that ultra-absorbent, ultra-soft TP to help soak the rain from his luxurious curls.

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The man next to me noted with a smile that he "could listen to [Kenny G] play all night." Well here's your chance, guy. Kenny (O)G performs "My Heart Will Go On" (and makes the world a better place) in the video below below.

(Video courtesy Brittany Spanos' phone.)

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Hard Rock Cafe

1501 Broadway, New York, NY

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Terry Ward
Terry Ward

waaah ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (oh my cheeks hurt) ah hahahahaha


Is this the Village Voice?  

What village?   Whose voice?

Does anyone remember the counterculture?  It was a movement (NOT of the bowel) against mindless mainstream asswipe . . .  oh, never mind. 

In days not long ago, the VV would have covered this (if at all) quite differently.  I guess it's time to say bye-bye and just stoically flush.


Uh, MAJOR mistake in this article...

To call anything Kenny G has done jazz is possibly the most extreme insult anyone has ever made in the history of the world!

And to call what he does music is stretching it a bit, too..

If anything is appropriate, him being involved with toilet paper is right.

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