Lee Bannon Remembers Being Roommates With Pro Era

Lee Bannon via Instagram

[Editor's note: In "Tweets Is Watching," Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.]

Lee Bannon saw his hip-hop profile bloom after supplying beats to Flatbush rapper Joey Bada$$, not least with the slinky jazz-styled "Hilary $wank" on the Pro Era kid's Summer Knights mixtape. For Bannon's solo debut album, titled Alternate/Endings and released on Ninja Tune earlier this month, he takes things in an unabashed drum 'n' bass direction. Off the back of that release, here's Bannon musing on who was behind the Daft Punk masks at the weekend's Grammy awards, the idea of DJ Premier making jungle music, and doing the dishes with Chuck Strangers.

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Who would you like to think was behind the Daft Punk masks?
I mean, they're older now so maybe it was just like a couple of models they put in there! Or it could have been Will Smith behind the mask.

What did you think of the Grammys?
I was streaming like the first hour of it, watching it kinda like doing a million other things. Man, I don't to come across like a hater or something like that, but I probably only knew about three songs on there all night!

If you won a Grammy, where would you keep it in your apartment?
I got a little Star Trek Enterprise Next Generation spaceship so I think it would go well next to that.

Are you a fan of Macklemore?
I don't listen to enough of his music to decide, but from what I've heard I can't say it's my thing. But I recognize that he has some type of ability. If that many people are enjoying his music who am I to say it's bad, you know?

If you found yourself in the studio with Macklemore, what direction would you want to go in?
Ha, if that ever happened it would be pretty weird. I'd probably take it as far left as I could, give him something that he's never had a chance to do before.

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