Rihanna Fandom Gone Wrong: The Most Awkward Shirts Ever

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FANdamonium on etsy.
Sometimes fan art hits the mark, and sometimes it should stay hidden in a closet. As a celebrity, it must be a awkward to see people wearing your likeness (or images of your body parts) across their chest. These horrible Etsy finds have proven to be the most awkward instances of Rihanna fandom gone wrong.

Rihanna's grandmother should be the only person ever to wear a this sweatshirt by FANdamonium (above).

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YesinThis on etsy.
You can't really look 'sexy' with an even sexier girl on your shirt; and the awkward placement of the image has us scratching our heads. Shirt from YesinThis on etsy.

Here's a new take on the kitschy faux-bikini vacation tees that were popular in the '80s. Draw your own conclusions as to who you think would wear this shirt by THEAMERICANFLYSHOP. We don't want to offend anyone.

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Ryan Vazquez
Ryan Vazquez

Please stop using "awkward" in place of "weird."

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