Riff Raff: "We Are Getting Special Cases That Glow in the Dark"

The Neon Icon

[Editor's note: In "Tweets Is Watching," Phillip Mlynar asks local artists questions based solely on the contents of their Twitter timeline.]

Riff Raff was meant to deliver his long-anticipated debut album, Neon Icon, earlier this week. Alas, tragedy struck when an incident at the manufacturing plant meant that the release date had to be pushed back. Reacting to this cruel glitch in the master-plan, we bucked Tweets Is Watching's usual NYC residency requirement to rummage through Jody Highroller's timeline to talk about Four Loko excess, Justin Bieber's dad, and his suave pup Jody Husky.

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You retweeted Diplo talking about an issue with the packaging of Neon Icon. What's the problem?
We are getting special cases that glow in the dark. I don't know where the factory is--he won't say--but I think it's in California 'cause he said he was going today and he also flew to Cali today so I'm trying to put two and two together.

What would a collaboration between you and Justin Bieber's dad sound like?
I don't know. I mean his dad seems pissed or something [so] I don't think that's gonna happen. I probably have a better chance of singing a duet with Adele next year at the Grammys in Miami.

You're on record as being a fan of Four Loko. What's the best experience you've had while drinking it?
I dates a girl and in the same day we started going out we went to a gas station and they had Four Lokos and we got two Blue Raspberry ones and we put the windows down and cracked one open and shared it and we looked at each other after driving five minutes and we were like, "What the fuck? Are we really buzzed after two sips?" We kept drinking that and then shared the other one along with a blunt in her parents' jacuzzi water-cave and listened to music as it rained and I told her I loved her after being together like one day, ha ha.

What happened next?
We stayed together two years and then had a ferocious break up and she later had a baby and I am the Neon Icon. Shout out to Four Loko.

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