Vivian Girls Remember: Pizza! Wild Puppies! Jean Jackets!

Photo by Austin Warnock

CR: When we opened for Sonic Youth in 2008, that was a pretty big deal for me. I was only like 22 or something, and Sonic Youth had been one of my favorite bands in high school. We were opening for them at Mccaren Pool, and we were all hanging out back stage and Thurston Moore was like, "Oh, yeah, I have your record," and I was like "Whoa! that's really crazy!" I got kind of nerdy. That was definitely a point where I was like, "Wow! Something's happening with my life!"

KG:I remember, we flew to England on British Airways, and the magazine had a picture of us at Market Hotel, and this whole article about like, "Brooklyn DiY Warehouse Scene." This was probably like 2008 or 2009. And I was just like, whoa, maybe this isn't just a magical moment for us. Maybe it's just a cool time to be in Brooklyn, in general.

Kickball LIES

KG: I never played kickball in Brooklyn. I went to college for a couple of months - RIT, Rochester Institute of Technology - and there was this kickball league that I was in. So, that became my nickname, because, you know, alliteration. Then I made it my AIM name. And then from there it stuck. Back then, you know, trade AIM names. And then when VG was starting, Cassie had a nickname, Cassie Ramone, and the fact that we both had these punk names was unrelated, but we both used them in the liner notes.


CR: There was this great girl who wrote me this message on Tumblr that was one of the sweetest things I ever heard in my life. She was a high school student, just talking about how much my music means to her, and it was really touching and it made me like want to cry. I met her at this show in Dallas and we hung out and she was really cool and she made me this jean jacket, and it had all my favorite bands on it and it was so cool, the coolest jacket. I've never even worn it because I'm afraid to ruin it. Meeting her was a really touching experience for me.

Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell

When we were starting, we were just practicing in some shitty small practice space in Brooklyn, and we're like, oh, we'll just play some houses and like maybe go on tour. But having young girls say really nice things, it always makes me feel really good, because I was a really awkward and confused teenager. It feels good knowing that some people look at us in this positive way, and it maybe makes them feel better about being alive and being a weird teenager.

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