The Definitive Ranking of All Slint's Albums

Categories: 2013

Though it's a monumental task, were attempting to rank the best albums from Slint. That's like picking favorite children or books of the Bible. With a discography so fully defined by its knotty niches and endless fan debate, could it even be possible to single out one Slint album above the rest? Is there any way to scale such a task without risking sacrilege? We do not know, but as critics it is our civic duty to offer the most powerful, iconoclastic listicles we can imagine. Please, in honor of Slint's new box set and upcoming set at Primavera Sound, join us on this journey.

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#2 - Tweez
Is there anything left to write about Tweez? A debut album that's inspired so many people in its 29 minutes, some of you might see that "#2" ranking and feel personally offended, perhaps even sick. Trust us, we do too. This is not an easy decision. After all, how can we forget AllMusic's defining capsule review? "Tweez is a fine, if bizarre recording, often switching from bass-led rhythm to rhythm in the same song. The guitars are harsh, but not especially fast. Instead of singing, bits of dialogue, sound effects, and spoken lyrics are used." Such prose is not inspired through mortal hands! This is a special record, from a special place. But sometimes even Gods can bleed.

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