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By Julie Seabaugh

Between releasing stand-up special Mostly Sex Stuff on DVD and blu-ray, debuting the first 10 episodes of sketch/stand-up/interview series Inside Amy Schumer and announcing a 33-date national theater tour, native New Yorker Amy Schumer had one helluva 2013. There was also the matter of Judd Apatow agreeing to executive produce and direct her script for feature film Trainwreck, in which Schumer will also star. Calling from L.A., where she's up to her neck in pre-production, the 32-year-old proved poised to have an even bigger 2014.

While the film won't begin shooting until mid-May, the second season of Inside kicks off Tuesday, April 1, and features comedic guest stars including Janeane Garofalo, Reggie Watts, Michael Ian Black, Patrick Warburton, Jon Dore, and Mike Birbiglia.

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You're not in NYC for the next few weeks, and part of that has to do with your Inside Amy Schumer's Back Door tour. I'm guessing the rest has something to do with Trainwreck.
Yes, I was on the Back Door tour and now I'm in L.A. to continue the rewriting of Trainwreck. I got out here in the middle of January, and I've been touring from here, so the rewriting's been going on since then. But I've been on the road real heavily, so it seems like less time.

Are you doing spots out there?
I've been doing so many shows on the road lately, but I've still been working on new stuff, and I feel a little bit guilty doing it in front of big theaters, so I've been doing the Improv a little bit, just working out some stuff for a little bit of a smaller venue. It makes me feel so much better to do that, so much stronger. Going up in front of a huge crowd that paid to see you versus a bunch of people who didn't even know that you were going to be there; they'll really let you know.

I was talking about the same thing with Hannibal Buress, how you can't really bomb in big venues, but then if you sneak onto a smaller show, it's like, "We have a special guest! Oh my God!" Then people lose their shit.
But I was just back in New York, and at somewhere like the [Comedy] Cellar, probably three people were really psyched I was there. They were like, "It's her!" Then 10 more people were like, "Yay!" And then the rest of them were like, "What?" Sometimes you're a comedian they've never seen before, so you still have to earn it.
Stand-up clip:

I know the details of Trainwreck are being kept under wraps, but what can you tell me about the film?

It is a comedy--a very R-rated comedy--that stars moi, and Bill Hader plays my love interest. I play a writer, but there are a lot of similar things to my life and my stand-up.

Colin Quinn snuck into the cast as well.

He did! His role hasn't been officially announced yet, but people were like, "Is he playing your love interest?" I'm like, "Uh, no, but thanks, guys..."

How has it been working with Apatow?

It has been amazing working with him. I really cannot believe my luck. I just finished the latest draft of the movie, which I'm handing in tonight. And then tomorrow morning I'll have notes from six people, and one of them is Judd Apatow, who's made some of my favorite movies I've ever seen. I just feel very supported. I trust him, so it's nice to not be lying awake at night, like, "Is this funny? Am I doing the right thing?" I've got him telling me yes or no.

I've been seeing some of your new material at the Cellar, and finding it to be a lot more personal and less of projected character. You're talking a lot more from the heart. How have audience been reacting?
The crowds have been awesome. I've done I think 16 or 17 cities on this tour so far, and I would say at least 12 of them was a standing ovation from everyone in the theater. I really am so moved that the response has been really, really amazing. Especially going to all these cities where before I've played clubs of 100, 200 people and doing all the press, all the radio, trying to beg people to come. So now there are people coming, and they're spending their Friday or Saturday night. It's been really overwhelming. I'm trying to give them the best show I can.

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