Look at These Professional Headshots of a Young Andrew W.K., Model

Photo on right via Nickie McGowan
Via a friend who used to work at a modeling and acting agency in New York, some really rare and hilarious early photos of the rock musician / Party God / advice columnist Andrew W.K. have surfaced.

We asked Andrew for an explanation (and permission to publish) of the photos, and he tells us that back in the late '90s, long before he became the the World's Undisputed Party King, he tried his hand modeling and acting. These early headshots are a result. Andrew tells us the modeling and acting career never quite took off, but one assumes he did get ample working cutting different types of materials with that sharp jaw line. Hubba hubba.

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Em Le Jo
Em Le Jo

He looks so much better with long hair!

Lupa Alexander
Lupa Alexander

Well considering you fired Musto and sometime later hired this guy and I'm sure everyone would rather have it the other way around, yeah he is spending his money.


The one thing I think we can all agree is that Andrew is a handsome man.  While I have seen a few of these photos a large portion I had never viewed before so this is wonderful for fans like me who are obsessed with everything Andrew W.K. Thank you!

Adam Abramowitz
Adam Abramowitz

He had at one point, Obituary's drummer in his band.

Harriet Vinson
Harriet Vinson

One of these looks is NOT like the others. Easy to tell when he ran into that vampire!

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