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Dark Blue's 7"
The first music I became heavily obsessed with as a young man was first and second wave British punk rock and Oi! In the mid-90's, It was the en vogue punk of the day and I immersed myself in the world of boots, bondage pants, painted and studded leather jackets, and knox gelatin'd spiked hair with little resistance. Every weekend our mob would cram into West Philadelphia venues to see bands ape this style with excellent-to-poor execution. Groups like Blanks '77, Wretched Ones, Violent Society, Showcase Showdown etc. Like I said; some good, some shit. Going to see these bands really exposed me to the greater, older bands that they were completely ripping off.

I feel now that I'm a bit older and have gained a bit of perspective that it was time to start ripping these bands off, as well. That's basically what I'm trying to do with my new project Dark Blue. Here I've listed some of my favorite songs of the period. It basically reads like any number of compilations that I overpaid for as a child. Not digging too deep here but that's really not the point. Enjoy.

John Sharkey III's Dark Blue perform tonight at St. Vitus.

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"Wonderful World"
This song still makes me want to kick somebody's teeth out.

Combat 84
When I was a kid I took the lyrics to this song very seriously and, in some respects, I still do. It still applies to 30-somethings who pretend they were into punk in their teens when in reality they were choking down Pavement and Superchunk records.

"Someones Gonna Die"
I was recently forwarded an email from Mackie of Blitz in which he was singing the praises of Dark Blue. I guess his band was pretty listenable, as well.

The Ejected
"Have You Got 10p?"
No, not me.

The Business
"National Insurance Blacklist"
I thought this songs sounded like U2 when I first heard it. It was refreshing to know that English boofheads could pull this off so well.

Abrasive Wheels
I love the BBC. I have no idea what these cunts are on about. (see that, I even know their language)

The Partisans
"Come Clean"
John Cale, Tom Jones, Badfinger... Keeping the spirit alive. A real Welsh banger.

Last Resort
"8 Pound A Week"
Possibly the most ignorant sounding music ever recorded. There is a subtle genius to it but mainly it appeals to total fuckheads which intrigued me to no end as a youth.

Anti-Nowhere League
"For You"
This song is hilarious. These guys who sang about fucking sheep and sucking the penises of of old men rock our world with this bonafide love blaster. It also sounds like the blue print for every Jawbreaker song which is what I surmise the exact opposite of both parties' intentions.

The Exploited
"Fuck The USA"
I always find myself singing this song to myself during the Olympics or whenever I'm at home in Australia with the kids.

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Saint Vitus Bar

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