NYC's Top 10 Rising Female-Fronted Bands

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Courtesy of Golightly Media
The Prettiots
At any given moment, in any given scene or subculture, there are loads of incredibly talented, boss women making great tunes. Looking back, some of the most revolutionary and dynamic voices in New York music have been women, from punks to MCs to pop queens.To show some appreciation for some of our current favorites, we've put together 10 of the best rising talents with women at the forefront.

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10. The Prettiots
Kay Goldberg, Rachel Trachtenburg, and Lulu Prat are a trio of NYC ladies supplying the city with a healthy dose of uke-pop. Their sound has loads of homey quirk and good humor to it, and they have even tackled making a Misfits song oddly comforting. Having gained a following with only a few songs out there, the scene is the Prettiots' oyster.

9. Starred
Fronted by Liza Thorn, Starred are an ethereal, Courtney Love-approved band that have a hazy but biting sound to them. After touring with Love, the artsy band are attracting a much larger fanbase and even recently made an appearance at the MoMA last month. Be sure to watch out for even more dreamy pop from the group.

Courtesy of Sharkmuffin

8. Sharkmuffin
Tarra Thiessen, Natalie Kirch, and Janet LaBelle are a force to be reckoned with when put together. Their sound is energetic and wild, fitting for a band with a name like theirs. It's rough and raw and soaked in whisky, just the way the best bands are.

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Yeah the writing sux and most of these bands blow. I guess the writer is asking for leniency by prefacing the list with "female fronted". How about just 10 best bands...none of these chicks in tights would be on the list and not because they're chicks in tights but because they are not very good and "girl power" is a very BAD pose


what, no Teen?!?!??!


You guys forgot about Silent Fangs- the superbabe fronted rock trio from Brooklyn. They rock as hard (or way harder) than anyone here!


Dude you guys forgot Silent Fangs. Female lead singer and they rock as hard (or harder) than anyone listed here!


What awful writing.   I realize these "top lists" exist only to promote the bands,  But seriously - the difference between original (and even still) print version Village Voice and this web one is a sad state of affairs.


not a proper guitar solo in the bunch...

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