Rapper Louis Logic Undergoes Emergency Throat Surgery

Louis Logic
Louis Logic in the Hospital
Fake Four artist and indie rap favorite Louis Logic had to have emergency throat surgery Monday night. Despite this, he hasn't missed a day of his Rhymin' Gosling Tour in support of his new album Look on the Blight Side. We spoke to Louis about his Wolverine-esqe recovery, and how he balances touring with owning/managing a Brooklyn apartment building during one of New York's most hellacious winters.

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Your tour started in Pittsburgh last Friday. Was there any premonition or foreshadowing for the tour's issues that would follow?
It was business as usual. We actually had the honor of opening up the AVA Lounge with regard to their live show calendar. It was the first time since they moved locations that they had a touring act pass through. It was an honor for me, I've been a part of the AVA Lounge / Shadow Lounge scene since their inception at their first location. I think I'm the only non-Pittsburgher who played their going-away party at the Shadow Lounge.

You're also a landlord in Brooklyn.
Yeah, I bought a house with my ex-girlfriend with a big chunk of rap money from touring a lot. I've been a landlord since 2005 and I've have everybody from Travis McCoy to Jonny Oktober as tenants. It's been a little rap commune at my house.

But, before the throat situation, your building had a heating issue.
Yes. As everybody knows, it's been th emost brutal winter New York has had in 20 years. Something happened and my oil burner decided it didn't understand when it say "that's enough heat." It just burned itself out and emptied the tank. It's supposed to turn off and it didn't do that, burning through the oil faster than it was supposed to. It broke a component on the oil burner and the heat went out. We had no oil. I was two days into tour and woke up to a ridiculous amount of text messages and phone calls about how the house had gone completely cold. Everybody was in a panic because we were about to be in a major snowstorm. I hate being away from the house on tour because, every time I go something happens. This was a uniquely ridiculously timed situation. I had just left two days before that and there was a snowstorm coming on Monday. It's really hard to get somebody to come over and deliver oil to you last minute on a Saturday, especially during a cold season and especially hard to get someone to repair an oil burner and triply hard to do that when you're not actually there. So, I spent two or three hours on the phone sweet-talking this really leathery blue collar Italian New Yorker into rushing an oil delivery to my house [by] agreeing to a bunch of wacky contract terms. I found the classic old school Italian, and my family's all like that, so I know how to talk to those guys. We spoke the same language and after 45 minutes of "Fuggheitabout it" I had an oil delivery on the way to the house and a technician. I thought "Man, I haven't had a start to tour this dramatic in years!" So, by the time Monday arrived, I thought I was in the clear and was so excited. I arrived in Iowa City feeling confident and refreshed. I even decided to take the week off drinking, and just perform clean and happy.

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