The National Are Completely Inoffensive ... Which Is What Makes Them So Offensive

Miley Cyrus Redeems Herself on SNL
Eminem's SNL Performance Was So Bad It Was Taken Off the Internet
SNL Sound-Off: Arcade Fire Are a Talking Heads Cover Band Now

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Melissa Nastasi
Melissa Nastasi

How is this even an article? Like no one had anything creative and bad to say about Lena hosting, so we have to go bash The National now:? Get over it, you're either a fan or not. Not everyone likes that flavor-of-the-week Pop trash that usually gets airtime. I would take 10,000 Nationals to 1 Justin Timberlake.

Erinn Strom
Erinn Strom

seriously!!! it put us both to sleep.

epac666 topcommenter

Horrible. Just horrible.

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