Carcass: Still "Unpalatable"

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Sure, this "Fab Four" hail from Liverpool, but the lyrics "like maggots colonizing / contagious disease contaminating" are about as far away as "love, love me do" as you can get. And that's how Carcass like it, even though the 2013 Surgical Steel album is proving to be their most "commercial" to date, breaking into the Top 50 of the Billboard 200.

The influential extreme metallers, who formed in 1985, have been on a little 18-year hiatus, so Carcass co-founder/lead guitarist Bill Steer was pleasantly shocked by the warm reception from both critics and fans. "We thought the number of people we'd reach with this album would be a lot smaller--die-hard Carcass fans," he admits. "We didn't think the wider metal community would pay much attention." For a one-time (and still somewhat) underground band to be lauded in the mainstream can be odd for both fans and the group, and it takes Steer back to his own early rabid fandom. "There's an enormous element of elitism where people want a band and a scene to remain theirs only. I understand it to a degree because I used to kinda feel that way. When I was 16 or 17, I got a buzz off listening to music that I thought was unpalatable to other people. But I don't feel that way about life or music any more."

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