J&R Music Abruptly Closes Its Doors

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J&R as it appears on Google Maps.
Wednesday, Wall Street's mecca of music, J&R Music World, unceremoniously closed its doors. According to New York Daily News, employees were handed their pink slips that day. Yesterday, customers looking to purchase from the electronics outlet were met with locked doors and a message on store's website from owners Joe and Rachelle Friedman that it was shutting down to renovate and hopefully reemerge as an "unprecedented retailing concept and social mecca."

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J&R in the early years.
First opening in 1971 as a basement record store, J&R perpetually expanded over the next 43 years, absorbing building after building until the location became a block-long sight to behold. The word "electronics giant" gets thrown around fairly liberally, but for an independent store to be as massive and diverse as J&R was, its status as a true juggernaut is undeniable.

There's a lot to be said about J&R's place in the hearts of New York music lovers. During the late '00s when the likes of Tower Records, Circuit City and the Virgin Megastore were closing, as well as beloved independents like FatBeats, there's was a belief that J&R would somehow always be around. One of the first stores to reopen following the September 11th attacks, a fact frequently mentioned in the majority of the store's coverage, J&R just gave off the vibe that it owned its corner of New York and would continue to do its thing as long as there was a New York City.

As sad as it is to see J&R go, the prevalent emotion right now is one of utter confusion. After we've seen J&R's one-time competitors drag out their closings over the course of months, diverting from that tradition of the slow goodbye into an abrupt "show's over" is baffling. Factoring in that this is happening just-before the middle of April and roughly a week-and-a-half before Record Store Day, even the timing of this sudden closing is puzzling.

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"Abruptly" as in they had talked about these plans for the last few years? Methinks you need a new dictionary. ;-)


Why is there a dated photo of the writer that neither captures "news" nor has anything to do with the story?

It's not written as a first person remembrance or op-ed.

Way to take the focus off what you're covering and make it about you.

It's as if this was covered by Morgan Spurlock or Michael Moore.

Judi A. Musolf
Judi A. Musolf

Read the article.. online is still open and they are going to rebuild a bigger store . They have not closed forever !..

Jenn Maskell
Jenn Maskell

Yep, the signs are down, the lights were out.... but what Sunny said, it's supposedly temporary....


@ray2772  The photo captures the mentioned "decorative displays of new releases," something that made J&R stand out as they were really the last music outlet that would make an effort to put together framed collages.


@ChazKangas @ray2772 Its a poster behind glass. They are only one of the last music stores do it because they are one of the last around. Everyone still did that to the very end...until they closed their doors.

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