The Pack A.D.'s Favorite Songs of Bands They Get Compared to

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The Pack A.D.
Vancouver garage rock duo The Pack A.D. get compared to a lot of other bands, but according to drummer Maya Miller, their influences are "more obtuse" than both the old and new rock staples their sound reminds fans and critics of. "It's more sort of literary influences and movies rather than music," explains Miller. On the band's excellent fifth album, Do Not Engage (out in January), they drew inspiration from Stephen King novels and 2001: A Space Odyssey was a muse for one of the tunes.

This time around, we let The Pack A.D. draw their own comparisons, and had them list a few of the bands people have cited when discussing the duo. Maya gave us some of her favorite songs by the bands as well as a song off Do Not Engage she feels most deserves the comparison, though the band's tunes are wholly and perfectly original.

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The Runaways

Favorite Song: "Cherry Bomb"

Similar Pack A.D. Song: "Big Shot"

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Favorite Song: "Maps"

Similar Pack A.D. Song: "Rocket"

The Dead Weather

Favorite Song: "Treat Me Like Your Mother"

Similar Pack A.D. Song: "The Water"

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