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Because the Knicks have been so bad for so long, many New Yorkers are now beginning to wear the embarrassment of rooting for the Brooklyn Nets more comfortably than they ever knew they could. Eased by a tenuous connection to Jay Z, and the fact that they're now coached by arguably the greatest philanderer in NBA history (we worship our cheaters here), the Nets won some fans with a hard-fought first round playoff loss in seven games to the Chicago Bulls in 2012/13. Deron Williams and his merry band of washed-up Celtics are poised to go deeper into the playoffs this year, as their first round opponent is a team even the most ardent fans of basketball have never even heard of: the Toronto Raptors.

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Named after the most clever, dangerous, and deadly (it could open doors!) creature in Steven Spielberg's '93 smash Jurassic Park the Raptors were founded in 1995 by a 13-year-old boy going through a big dino phase. Not long after, they gained a reputation as the Go-To Team for people who liked to have their high expectations dashed during a period in the franchise's short history known as "The Vince Carter Era." They've since fallen well off the radar and are just now resurfacing with a roster of scrappy, young talent. The Raptors and Nets bring their first round series, currently tied 1 - 1, to Brooklyn tonight. And since the chances are high you know nothing about the Raptors' players, we thought it might be a good time to introduce you.

Last School: Degrassi
An emotional player, Drake (aka Drizzy aka The Light Skint Keith Sweat) is as happy to distribute the ball to an open teammate as he is to take his own shot. He's got a mean crossover, and is perhaps the most well-conditioned player in the NBA, which he attributes simply to walking the grounds of his ridiculously giant "YOLO Estate" end to end every day. When the fourth quarter comes around and other players are showing fatigue, is when Drake seems to be at his freshest.

Last School: The Bottom
Winner of many trophies, Drake's only weakness as a Power Forward is a seeming inability toget dirty, even while on his worst behavior (remember?)(Sorry.) His unwillingness to dive for loose balls or box out for rebounds has earned him (perhaps undeservedly) the reputation as one of the softest players in the game.

Rob Ford
Last School: Hard Knocks
Though frequently maligned for the substance abuse issues he's had in the past (and present and future), there's no denying multi-sport phenom Rob Ford has found his rightful place as the anchor of the Raptors. His presence in the paint is impossible to ignore, and many a team on many a night has felt too sorry for "The Round Mound of Round Mounds" to challenge him, making him one of the leading defenders in the league by default. Still, there's no quit in Rob Ford, even when there totally should be. Though he may never be considered one of the great Centers of the game alongside Hakeem Olajuwon or Patrick Ewing, he's the only player in the NBA who can match Kevin Garnett's inappropriate discussion of a woman's private parts on the court.

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