Managers for the "Hatfields and McCoys" of Rock Were Honored Last Night at Barclays

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We'll let you figure out who are the Hatfields and who are the McCoys.
Last night, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2014 was inducted at Barclays Center. The arena was packed with the star-studded roster of fan favorite acts that included Linda Ronstadt, Cat Stevens, KISS, Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, and the E Street Band. In the press room, several of them, along with their inductees and special guests, popped in to give their two cents on the whole shindig.

Here are some highlights of the event and dirt from the press room before the show premieres on HBO on Saturday, May 31st at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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Peter Asher, the British musician, manager and producer most well-known for his work with James Taylor and Linda Ronstadt, was the first to pop into the press room looking fly as hell in a purple suit. He was on hand for the ceremony to induct the first managers into the Hall, Brian Epstein (The Beatles) and Andrew Loog Oldham (The Rolling Stones). He joked: "This is a night of unity for the Beatles and the Stones. They're truly Hatfields and the McCoys of rock 'n' roll"

Asher even noted how influential the pair were on his own work as James Taylor's manager and noted most specifically the influence Brian Epstein had on his work. "Brian was one of my heroes as a manager," he said.

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The insane line-up for the Linda Ronstadt tribute. From L-to-R: Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, Steve Nicks, Carrie Underwood, and Emmylou Harris

We were all TRULY BLESSED, when a quintet of queens graced the room before the show where they'd honor Linda Ronstadt even began. Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, and Carrie Underwood stopped in to talk about Linda and about how great they each are. Sheryl noted that she wants "less bro country, more bra country," an exemplary request indeed. Emmylou remarked that her friendship with Linda was based off of a mutual love of Dolly Parton, a source of some of the best friendships a person can have. Lisa G. from Howard Stern's team asked a Stern-related question and Stevie Nicks made sure to let everyone know that she never intends on appearing on his show.

Annie Clark/St. Vincent

While it was still a surprise who would be up on stage fronting Nirvana during their segment, Annie Clark popped in to answer a few questions on the band and reveal her duties for the evening. In regards to the band's influence on her own music, Clark said "I wouldn't be playing music if it weren't for Nirvana." On the topic of a female-fronted tribute (dubbed 'Hervana' by the genius who passed by me on the way to train after the show), she noted: "They're rad and forward thinking and inclusive. If you're going to play these songs again, maybe do it from a different angle."

Annie was the last of the talent to make their way through the press room before the show started. Jann Wenner opened it up to what sounded like booing from the audience. The camera panned to Gene Simmons and he looked straight-up bored and over everything.

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Peter Asher inducted the managers first, getting out of the way the more administrative inductees early. Surprisingly, Peter Gabriel came in next to perform rather than after his speech (though there was another performance then too). After "Digging in the Dirt," a post-conscious uncoupling Chris Martin looked like he just came out of somewhere super tropical given the tan he was sporting to induct Gabriel. He remarked that he would be "reading from the Book of Genesis" and revealed that he had zero comedic timing but still had a lot of fun with his string of joke attempts. about the "angel Gabriel."

Peter Gabriel gave the first of many heart-warming speeches of the night, and his two main pieces of advice for aspiring musicians were to dream big "even if you dress up like a flower or a sexually transmitted disease" and to "surround yourself with brilliance."

Together, Chris Martin and Peter Gabriel performed "Washing of the Water" which was followed by Gabriel with Youssou N'dour doing "In Your Eyes."

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