In Appreciation of Peter Steele

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4. Carnivore - "Angry Neurotic Catholics"

Before Type O Negative there was Carnivore, Peter Steele's thrash band in which he was the vocalist and played bass. You'll notice this is the only Carnivore song that appears on this list. Though that band has written some very underrated tracks, it has also written some songs with questionable lyrics that will make you shake your head in anger. I don't want to promote those. Whether they were Steele's true expressions (he also supposedly wrote some controversial early Agnostic Front lyrics) or just written to garner a reaction, is anyone's guess at this point. I'm not going to make excuses for the guy. At the same time, I still listen to artists who have written some things in bad taste, like G.G. Allin and the Rolling Stones. Basically, let's just agree that most rock icons are insane and simply move on.

3. Type O Negative - "Gravity"

"Gravity" begins with one of the finest count-offs ever: "One, two, three, four/ I don't wanna live no more." The song appears on Type O Negative's live album, Origin of the Feces, a record that initially featured Steele's actual asshole as the cover. But it gets better. The band was required by the label to produce a live album, but it had already blown all of the money. Instead, its members recorded a fake live album, set to sound as though it took place in a hostile bar with patrons that hated them, yelling, "You suck!" and throwing beer bottles.

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