In Appreciation of Peter Steele

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2. Type O Negative - "We Hate Everyone"

Steele had a penchant for writing some offensive and terrible lyrics that firmly clashed with his listeners' politics. Misogynistic, targeting welfare recipients, offensive to women and homosexuals -- the green giant managed to offend nearly everyone. Rightfully, the band began receiving criticism and had been branded with some pretty heavy titles. Type O Negative's reaction wasn't to issue an apology and backtrack, though. Rather, it wrote even more extreme songs, like "Kill All the White People" (played live with an African American, Lord Nelson of Stuck Mojo) and the little ditty "We Hate Everyone," which features these choice lines:

"Some would say that we're biased/ Accusations that we are racist/ Well, shit comes in all hues/ Now this means you/ 'Cause things ain't always like they seem/ Like they seem/ We hate everyone."

1. Type O Negative - "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend"

Probably Type O Negative's best-known song (and the one that really put the group on the radar of pale, gawky potheads wearing fishnets), "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend" is an over-the-top exploration of a gothic love triangle. And it sounds like the Doors. Maybe you get it, and maybe you don't. Something tells me Steele would prefer it that way.

Rest in power, Peter Steele.

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