Tori Amos - Rough Trade NYC - 4/29/14

She closed out her set with some of her most powerful musical statements, beginning with "Ribbons Undone," another tune from The Beekeper. Like "Selkie," "Ribbons Undone" is just another brilliant example of the types of unique love stories Amos can detail and expressively deliver, and this time she sings very passionately about the relationship between a mother and a daughter, making for one of the more moving deliveries of the evening. Her set was capped off with her only departure into the '90s in the form of the Under the Pink (1994) B-Side "Take to the Sky," which incorporated part of her massively complex "Datura" from 1999's To Venus and Back. She pounded the body of her piano to enhance the percussive element and sang "Is there room in your heart/ For you to follow your heart/ And not need more blood/ From the tip of your star" with all the angst and passion she seemingly had left, proving she may be a mythological musical creature of her very own.

Credit: Abbey Raymonde
Critical Bias: My mom used to play "Silent All These Years" on repeat around the house, which led to me making her listen to it on a loop in her car just prior to getting my first iPod, where I would still listen to the song on repeat.

Random Notebook Dump:2014 Amos reminds me a little bit of the mom from Bob's Burgers in the best way. She'd sometimes sing out her banter (like the lines about hiding an extra pair of glasses in her piano: "Because I need to see in my menopausal state") and even has similar specs to Linda Belcher.


Trouble's Lament
Ribbons Undone
Take to the Sky / Datura

Tori Amos returns to NYC for a pair of dates at the Beacon Theatre on August 12 & August 13. 8:00 p.m. daily, $42.50 - $77.50.

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Rough Trade NYC

64 N. 9th St., Brooklyn, NY

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Beacon Theatre

2124 Broadway, New York, NY

Category: Music

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