We Hid Our Hand-Written Coldplay Live Review in Bar Bathrooms Across the City

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That's the all-caps and bolded title of a press release sent out on April 28. Coldplay, back with a new album, wanted to engage fans in the social media era with a #fun hashtag game. As such, lyrics to all of Ghost Stories' nine songs, handwritten by Coldplay's Chris Martin, were hidden in libraries around the world. Fans were encouraged to seek them out, take pictures with the lyrics once found, and tweet @coldplay with the hashtag #lyricshunt to show what #devoted #fans they are. One of the books in one of the libraries featured a special Golden Ticket, giving the finder (and a guest) a free trip to London to see Coldplay perform at Royal Albert Hall on July 1.


Last night Coldplay performed a special 5 p.m. show at Beacon Theatre, presented by Citi, exclusively for Citi cardmembers. We had our writer Ryan Leas hand write his review of the show on cocktail napkins and hide them in bar bathrooms around the city. We also have a special prize...

Find the napkins and you will ... get to read Ryan's stunning review of this stunning exclusive Citi event in full. Once you've found one, tweet @soundofthecity with the hashtag #impeccablereviewofflawlessshowhandwrittenonanapkinhiddeninabarbathroom and we will unveil that portion of the review. The review is in five parts, hidden in five bathrooms, in four boroughs. (Staten Island found out what we were up to and refused entry.)

Below is the first paragraph of Ryan Lea's review to whet your palate. We'll update this post throughout the day, revealing each bit of the review as the napkins hidden in bar bathrooms around the city are found.


(Full press release for #lyricshunt contest after the jump.)

Better than: Keane, definitely.

As half a dozen nearby Upper West Side bars thrummed with a low-key, polite enjoyment of Cinco de Mayo, a collection of eager and already-ecstatic concertgoers gathered amongst the Beacon Theatre's faux-gilded embellishments and paintings. They were waiting for Coldplay, and the conceit of the night was a unique one. Having mastered the formula for a certain kind of arena pop that had just enough relationship to rock music to be taken seriously when people still only liked to take rock music seriously, but was ultimately inoffensive and catchy enough to catapult sensitive balladry to the top of the charts, it's been a long time since Coldplay has regularly played rooms the size of the Beacon. There was a promise in the air: the idea that Coldplay might pare it down in accordance with the contemplative nature of their forthcoming new album Ghost Stories, and that we might get an uncharacteristically intimate-sized look into the band with, surely, the new stuff premiering alongside long-forgotten deep cuts.

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Beacon Theatre

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