Meet a Few of the Dedicated Lady Gaga Fans We Saw Last Night at the Garden

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All photos by Sandy Honig for the Village Voice
A few Gaga fans we met last night.
Before Lady Gaga pulled out all the stops for her "ArtRave: The Artpop Ball" show on Tuesday, May 13, 2014, we met with her die-hard fans outside Madison Square Garden, asking them about their adoration and dedication to Gaga, who's experiencing lower sales (for Artpop) and buzz than she's typically received. Photos by Sandy Honig for the Village Voice.

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Ryan F. has been to five Gaga concerts. He describes his look as "Raver Clown Realness." "I love to entertain you until you laugh or cry," he says.

Christian S. has been to two Gaga shows and is wearing his ARTPOP vest.

Charleen C. attended her first Gaga show last night. She decorated the jacket herself over the course of a week and was inspired by the recent seashell bikini costume the "Applause" singer wore at the VMAs.

Vito L. has been to eight Gaga shows. It took him a day to make his vest inspired by the recent seashell and aquatic theme of this era as well as her references to some of his favor works of art like Picasso's "Girl Before a Mirror."

Lisa M. has been to 18 Gaga shows. Her outfit is meant to be "space-y and Venus-y."

Jasmine S. has been to 40 Gaga shows. Her look was inspired by Gaga's performance of "Venus" at the iTunes Festival.

Marissa B. attended her first Gaga show last night. She wanted to work with the "ArtRave" theme and brought a Gaga bear to give to the singer. 

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