Meet a Few of the Dedicated Lady Gaga Fans We Saw Last Night at the Garden

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Kelley Z. has been to 23 Gaga shows, and last night's was her third of this tour. She was inspired by Gaga's performance of the song "Swine" and her music video for "Alejandro." She's worn a different look for each show.

Alex J. (with the hair) has been to 2 Gaga shows and was inspired by the "Applause" single cover and the Harajuku hair look she wore in a performance in Tokyo. Jeff A. has been to three Gaga shows and was inspired by the "Applause" cover art's "messy sad clown" look.

Ricky L. attended his first Gaga show last night and was inspired by Gaga's dog Asia because he and Gaga had each gotten their pups on the same day.

Jamie S. has been to 20 Gaga shows. She recreated Gaga's look from the Jingle Ball in England and likes to recreate the ARTPOP singer's looks when attending the shows in general. 

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