Five No Limit Albums Better Than Memorial Day

No Limit
Full Blooded on Memorial Day

Memorial Day in America is the day we remember those who gave their lives for this country protecting our freedom. It has also signified the unofficial start of summer with the first outdoor get-togethers of the season. There's plenty of albums that wind up in the Memorial Day playlist shuffle, one of which is the No Limit Records album Memorial Day by Full Blooded. While its red-plastic case and memorable pen-n-pixel cover art is unforgettable, Mr. Blooded's record isn't often included in the upper echelon of No Limit releases. It is with the hopes that your Memorial Day was as bout it, bout it as possible that we present to you Five No Limit Albums Better than Full Blooded's Memorial Day.

Lil Ric
Deep N tha Game (1994)
While No Limit is probably most associated with their popular New Orleans-based output, newer fans are still surprised to discover that the label was founded in Richmond, California, effectively classifying their early output as Bay Area releases. One of the best from this time was Lil Ric's Deep N the Game. Ric's off-the-charts charisma made for the type of unapologetic attitude that would become a standard hallmark for the landmark independent label.

Kane and Abel
The 7 Sins (1996)
While rapping twins Kane and Abel are probably best remembered for the Cyndi Lauper sampling "Time After Time," the duo's best effort came at the time when No Limit was first starting to break nationwide. The 7 Sins captures the darker elements of bayou funk alongside Kane and Abel's gritty street narratives.

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