5 Craziest Things Fucked Up Vocalist Damian Abraham Has Ever Done

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There will be fewer raucous ways to enjoy some live music Friday night than running over to the Bowery Ballroom (6 Delancey Street) to catch riotous Toronto hardcore sextet Fucked Up. Stories of the band's onstage wrecking sprees are legendary and well-documented, but at the heart of all the insanity is vocalist Damian Abraham (a.k.a. Pink Eyes, a.k.a. Mr. Damian). To build up to this evening's lunacy then, here are the most fucked up things Fucked Up vocalist Damian Abraham has ever done.

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Consistent Self-Inflicted Forehead Injuries
Damian Abraham likes to headbutt things. Anything in his path actually: Pint glasses, microphones, walls, florescent light bulbs, stages and more. If his forehead isn't pouring blood by the end of a Fucked Up set, things just somehow don't feel right. He told the UK's Kerrang! Podcast back in 2011 about a performance during Coachella in which: "I busted myself open -- which is when you bleed from your forehead profusely. And there was blood everywhere. So much blood, in fact, that there was a hip-hop news website that picked up the story, under the headline 'White People Do the Dumbest Shit' and it was just pictures of me bleeding on everyone in the crowd." The stage manager at that particular gig later forced Abraham to buy the microphone he'd used, because it was full of blood. Hurrah!

Performing in/ Destroying an MTV Bathroom
We're not sure which was crazier in this case: Abraham smashing up the ceiling about two notes into the first song (and thereby setting the tone of the thing), or the nice people at MTV thinking they could invite Fucked Up to perform in a tiny bathroom, in front of a small audience who were supposed to watch the band from the hallway, and not thinking something weird might happen. The band later explained that inside the bathroom, once the fans had invaded, there was spilled gasoline from an overturned motorcycle directly next to lit cigarettes, overturned amps, bleeding band members, fans making flame throwers out of spray-paint cans and a plethora of other dangerous stuff. Abraham later said of the cut-short performance: "It was one of those moments where you're like 'This is out of hand, someone could die right now'..." Fun!

Climbing on Monitors
Sure, all the cool musicians climb on monitors and speaker stacks. It's a rock 'n' roll tradition, after all. And if you're really good at being a rock star, sometimes you gracefully throw yourself off them too, only to be embraced by an adoring crowd. The problem is, Damian Abraham isn't a rock star; he's a down-to-earth punk rock dude who flails around and does shit on stage before he's even really thought about whether it's a good idea or not. This is why there have been occasions when he has climbed up and got stuck (of one such incident, Fucked Up bandmate, Ben 'Young Governor' Cook, noted: "[He] had a nervous breakdown onstage. He just lied there like a depresso madman") and occasions where he's climbed up and immediately fallen directly onto audience members by accident. Ouch.

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Too true. All the dopes think the man was a psychopath, despite the fact that he would have been imprisoned had he been one. He played crazy well, and it's what punk needed. He was so punk that other bands were scared of him.

One of my favorite stories was of GG Allin calling Tesco Vee a poseur to his face. Tesco Vee agreed that compared to GG Allin he was a poseur.

Colin Connolly
Colin Connolly

You're reacting as if this hasn't been done before. G.G. Allin, anyone?


Right, but this time the frontman isn't a terrible person with fucked up morals?


They really are. Absolute posers without a shred of hardcore in their music.


You are a massive tool that doesn't know shit about Gg Allin. You are confusing his stage persona with his real life.


@Megatt That's the beauty of it too. GG is still causing reactions in people, and it's been over 20 years since he died. 

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