The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 6/27/14

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Saturday, 6/28:

Barclays Center
8:00 p.m., $25-$125
Like it or not, you've had at least one Avicii single, most likely "Wake Me Up" or "Hey Brother," stuck in your head. It's clear why these country-fried, radio-friendly EDM songs became such hits: They made both genres accessible to people who may not necessarily listen to or even like them. These massive singles off the 24-year-old Swedish DJ's debut album, True, have not only helped him maintain his spot as one of the top DJs in the world, but have made him a household name, the new face of EDM's evolution out of clubs and onto your local radio stations' airwaves, parents' iPods, and Ralph Lauren ads. This year, Avicii has embarked on his first concert tour, which includes a stop at Barclays before returning to the city again for a Fourth of July set at Governors Island. -- By Brittany Spanos

Say Anything
Best Buy Theater
8:00 p.m., $22/$26
If you are in your 20s and experienced any Emotions in the past decade, you no doubt have a soft spot for Say Anything, Max Bemis' gloriously self-hating music project. The rawest of the raw, these tracks got you though some #dark times of your youth--and now, this year, Max is back with another Say Anything release called Hebrews. He's grown up a bit, but the emo is still strong with this one. Hit his show, feel nostalgic, and remember that you'll always be alive with the glory of love. -- By Eric Sundermann

Matt Pavolka's Horns Band
Downstairs at Cornelia Street Cafe
9:00 p.m., $10
Local jazz fans know Pavolka as an agile bassist who buoys many an ensemble while injecting his lines with a hefty thrust. With the arrival of his new album on the Fresh Sounds label, they can now try to grok him as a modern bandleader who appreciates melody more than most - or at least has a compelling way of showing that appreciation. The snaky themes that are cannily bent by his "Horns Band" ('bone, cornet, alto sax) should be a balm to anyone to finds the all-too-common frictions of modern jazz a tad obvious. Expect some moments of beauty at this CD release gig. Pavolka's a pro when it comes to both wild AND wistful. -- By Jim Macnie

ONO + Obnox + Cloud Becomes Your Hand + The Dreebs
Shea Stadium BK
8:00 p.m., $8
Toiling in the underground scene since 1980, über-legendary Chicago avant-everything cult freakazoids ONO are one of those radical groups who've earned that tag as "one of the most influential bands you've never heard of." These schizoid mind-blowers predated wads of genres--they've deconstructed Noise, funk, art-rock, post-rock and industrial, thus setting the template for fellow Chi-towners like U.S. Maple and countless other noise-making avant-gardists. Fittingly self-proclaimed as "gospel-noise," ONO made its comeback in 2012 with the experimental fuckery jams and possessed chants of Albino, its first recorded music since 1986. For its follow-up, ONO didn't wait another 25-odd years. They just dropped the sonically chaotic groovefest, Diegesis, complete with a Hendrix cover. This is a super-rare appearance for ONO in these parts. Not to be missed. -- By Brad Cohan

Location Info


Stage 48

605 W. 48th St., New York, NY

Category: Music

Governors Island

10 S., New York, NY

Category: Music

Town Hall

123 W. 43rd St., New York, NY

Category: General

Barclays Center

620 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: General

Best Buy Theater

1515 Broadway, New York, NY

Category: General

Downstairs at Cornelia Street Café

29 Cornelia, New York, NY

Category: Music

Shea Stadium BK

20 Meadow St., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Music

Fort Tilden Beach

169th St., Far Rockaway, NY

Category: General

The Paper Box

17 Meadow St., New York, NY

Category: Music

Central Park, Rumsey Playfield

5th Ave., New York, NY

Category: Music

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