Brooklyn Rapper Math Assaulted at L.A. Rap Battle (VIDEO)

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YouTube screengrab
Math Hoffa and Dizaster, moments before the punch.
Rap battles are filled with personal insults. They can also be extremely intense, especially when there's a lot on the line. They almost never end in violence, however.

But that was not the case on Saturday night at Los Globos, when the main event at King of the Dot's Battle of Los Angeles 5 ended in an all-out brawl. It was truly shocking.

The catalyst? During his battle with Brooklyn rapper Math Hoffa, Los Angeles rapper Dizaster concluded his final round by saying: "I should punch you in your fucking face."

"Do it," Math replied, continuing: "I dare you to do it."

And so Dizaster did, punching him in the face. (Video below.)

Following the punch, the entire venue erupted into pandemonium.

It's not entirely clear what went down at that point, but, after initially being separated, Dizaster appears to have renewed his attacks on Math, before order was eventually restored.

The fallout has the battling community split; many believe physical contact has absolutely no place in a rap battle.

Others, however, feel that perhaps Math had it coming, as he himself has punched opponents on two separate occasions - Dose and Serius Jones. For years now, he's been provoking Dizaster on the subject, insisting he wouldn't throw a punch in such a situation just like this one.

As for the organizers, they seem to be attempting to downplay the incident. The online pay-per-view coverage cuts out immediately after Dizaster's final line, with no indication of the fight that followed.

King of the Dot CEO Organik tweeted, upon the battle's conclusion:

The next day, Math tweeted to the two rappers he punched years ago, Dose and Serius Jones: "im sorry guys.... lets do a album together!!!"

Dose replied: "nah, I'll pass... Diz has the 'new hit.'"

No word yet on if arrests were made. We will update this post when we know more.

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i though the rap battles were a bit different for hip hop industry,  as in it being more real, but to do this for social media reasons makes battle rap felonius, bad enough more than half of them use the same bars and delivery..pathetic..RHWOA/HHW


staged..for views..silly negroes thought that was real.. 

epac666 topcommenter

He got knocked the f*ck out...

Al Vie
Al Vie

Degenerates will be degenerates

Tony Holzhauer
Tony Holzhauer

2 great lessons learned here,.... fists are better than guns, and never, ever call the police....see how this resolved itself, without no escalation from the thugs in Blue.

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