What's the Difference Between G.G. Allin's Hated and One Direction's This Is Us?

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Tonight at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg a crowd will gather to watch a man drink piss and wipe his own shit on his face. That's right, the theater is showing Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies, the documentary about poop-smelling sour-faced asshole misogynist G.G. Allin and his punk band that terrorized New York City and masochistic audiences around the U.S. in the '80s and early '90s. You could say the film served as a prequel of sorts for director Todd Phillips' Hangover trilogy, and if you wanted to say that to his face you could tonight, as Phillips will be on hand at Nitehawk for a Q&A after the film, which is being presented in a partnership with Noisey and will feature, in perhaps the greatest branding opp of all times, Absolut cocktails.

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Hated is hard to watch. It "makes Cocksucker Blues look like Bambi," and in it G.G. Allin puts every bit of his woman-hitting, body-mutilating drunken filth and seething rage on display. He breaks bottles over his face and cuts his chest with the broken glass. He shoves a banana up his ass. Etc. Etc. So, naturally, when I found out our young One Direction-and-Cher-loving Clubs Editor Brittany Spanos had never heard of the documentary or Allin, I immediately made her watch it*. But there was a price to pay.

If she watched Hated, I'd have to watch her favorite band documentary, One Direction's This Is Us. I agreed to these terms. We would both be tortured. (I'm watching This Is Us this weekend.) The morning after Brittany watched Hated, we talked about it, This Is Us, and the differences between G.G. and 1D. There aren't as many as you might think. (Yes, there are.) Our conversation follows.

So, this week I introduced you to G.G. Allin and the documentary about him, Hated. Would you like to thank me?
Yes and no. Yes because I'm glad I now know who he is as a person who existed. Yes because it gave me an excuse to watch a full episode of Geraldo. No because I never wanted to see someone shove a banana up their ass.

As penance for you watching someone shove a banana up his ass, you are now making me watch the One Direction doc This Is Us. What are the fundamental differences between these two glimpses behind the curtains of the young and deranged - G.G. vs. 1D?
It's really the same difference between G.G. Allin's persona and that of 1D -- one is more servicey to the fans than the other. This Is Us is a concert film but also these cute little glimpses of them with their moms and joking around with each other. Hated is all the most repulsive things you can see a human being do put into a 50 minute film. Also, 1D usually have more clothes on --a plus or a negative depending on your perspective.

After watching Hated you said you couldn't wait for it to be over. What was the most disturbing part of the film in your eyes?
The final concert scene was awful. Well, awful for me. I get easily grossed out so all the blood and the shit he was covered in was way too much for me. But I also had to walk out of the theater when I saw Black Swan so maybe I was never the right audience for Hated.

Which film does a better job getting to the core of its subject?
Hated FOR SURE. This Is Us is all about image and emotion. It's sweet but you know a LOT is getting left out. Morgan Spurlock was not going to show you that video of Zayn and Louis getting high in the back of a van. With G.G. Allin it seems like all you would get is him at his worst and I think you get a huge sense of that in Hated, but also you get some depth in the relationships he had with people around him. The addition of his funeral at the end was pretty sad. There's no psychoanalysis of 1D and their relationships with their families. You don't get tidbits on anything besides the most basic J-14 facts you can find. But I also cried the first time I saw that film so whatever.

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