Everclear, Soul Asylum, Eve 6, and Spacehog: Where Have They Been?

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Summerland Mastermind Art Alexakis of Everclear
On Tuesday, June 17th the 2014 Summerland Tour comes to Irving Plaza, where those in attendance will attempt to party like it's 1999. Nostalgia will be in full effect as this year sees headliners Everclear joined by Soul Asylum, Eve 6, and Spacehog. To adequately prepare you to '90s rock, we've assembled a quick guide to what each band's been up to since you last heard their alternative staples dominating the airwaves. This is the Road to Summerland 2014.

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In the '90s Everclear offered to buy you a new life, but for the past three years they've been selling you a new summer of memories. Frontman Art Alexakis first envisioned the Summerland tour, originally with Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, and now Summerland's third incarnation is going coast-to-coast with one of the best received line-ups of any traveling summer tour. It's a strong start to the decade, considering Alexakis' problems throughout the 2000s. While the millennium started promisingly enough with Everclear's two Songs From an American Movie albums and Alexakis' own Popularity Records imprint on the Artemis label that saw the nationwide release of Flipp's Volume album. Alexakis' fortunes took an unfortunate turn in 2005 when he filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy after amassing about 3 Million dollars in debt and having to sell off his rights to the Everclear catalog. But he's since bounced back, releasing a new Everclear album (he's the only remaining original member) Invisible Stars in 2012 as well as actively pursuing acting and inspiring the now thriving market of '90s rock nostalgia tours.

Soul Asylum
From Minneapolis, Minnesota (the home of Prince and where they filmed The Mighty Ducks movies) Soul Asylum found their way into the hearts of '90s alternative rock fans with hits like the missing child saving "Runaway Train" and heartwarming moments like lead singer David Pirner wearing a Spaghettio's shirt to the MTV Video Music Awards. Pretty much every '90s thing a band could do, Soul Asylum did, from playing one of Bill Clinton's inaugurations to scoring a Kevin Smith film to collaborating on-stage with Wyclef Jean.

At the end of the decade, the group took a break until reforming in 2004. They recorded The Silver Lining that year while bassist Karl Mueller battled throat cancer, ultimately succumbing to the disease after the album's completion in 2005. The group then became something of a Minnesotan dream line-up with Replacements bassist Tommy Stinson and Prince's New Power Generation drummer Michael Bland joining the group. After an extensive compilation of the group's work on A&M Records was released in 2007, the next Soul Asylum record, Delayed Reaction came in 2012. Pirner has also made some interesting guest appearances including The Hold Steady's "Chillout Tent," and Dutch symphonic metal outfit Within Temptation's 2014 album Hydra. This year, Soul Asylum's releasing an ambitious series for four EPs of covers, starting with next month's No Fun Intended which will see the band tackle The Suicide Commandos, Joy Division, and MC5.

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